What actually causes bad odour in the armpits?

It is not sweat! It is actually a build up of bad bacteria that is in our pores. If you apply anti perspirant deodorant, it works by clogging up pores, which is why once it unclogs you can notice a rapid increase in odour as the bad bacteria is released! B natural deodorant is designed to allow your pores to breathe and sweat freely as the body requires. By using our formula, it prevents and does not let bad bacteria grow and breed, therefore preventing odour.


Why is sweating good for me? 

Sweating is crucial. It stops our bodies from overheating and allows the body to regulate its temperature. Our skin is the largest organ in the body, with some of its biggest pores being in the armpits. Sweat helps the body excrete toxins which is linked to preventing diseases linked to toxic overload and it helps support proper immune function. Sweat helps clean pores and can actually help clear blackheads and achne! So next time you sweat, remember the body is just doing its job, embrace it!!!


Is it Natural?

Yes it is a natural product using ingredients that are chemical free. We strive to deliever the best product and the effectiveness of this deodorant has not at all been lowered due to it being natural. Actually quite the opposite, it works amazing!! Consider the switch to B natural deodorant to assist in regulating your body and some of its hormones


Does it work? 

Yes this has been tried and tested by many and the feedback has all been positive! Feedback is often that they cant believe how great it prevents and eliminates body odour. We strive to prevent odour and kill bacteria, not mask it.


How does it work?

B natural deodorants formula creates a pH environment that bacteria cannot survive in. sweat is not what causes our body odour, its the bacteria in the pores; our aim is to prevent/kill the bacteria, not mask it. A traditional antiperspirant clogs the pores to prevent odour which is harmful to the lymphatic system in our bodies. This system is responsible for regulating our body temperature. We highly recommend using a natural one so that the hormones in the body aren’t tampered with.

How long does it usually last?

Many uses only apply once a day in the morning and they find that is enough. It allows your pores to breathe and sweat freely without the build up of bad bacteria. Amount needed will vary per person so we recommend putting on a small amount and work out how much you personally need. LESS IS MORE in this case! As long as you spread evenly and the skin absorbs it, that is all that is required

What if I have sensitive skin?

Some people can be very sensitive to bicarbonate sodium. We have paired it up with the most soothing products to combat this sensitivity! The active ingredients that adjusts the pH to a level where bacteria cant survive, is the bicarbonate. It is crucial for the effectiveness. Many sensitive skin sufferers use B natural deodorant with no problems but as we are not doctors we recommend giving it a go and stop if any reactions occur. Peppermint essential oil, beeswax and shea butter are all very moisturising and calming ingredients for the skin which should help combat the small amount of bicarbonate used


How much do I use each time and how do I apply it?

Only a very small amount is required. A sultana sized amount under each armpit, is usually sufficient. But as everybody is different, we recommend applying a small amount and adding or subtracting according to what works best for you. Less is more, as this does not clog the pores, it is only required that it is spread evenly and rubbed and absorbed into the skin for it to be most effective.


Is there a discount for buying more than one? 

The good news is that in one postage padded bag we can fit up to 6 of our deodorants so you can just pay one $8 shipping fee whether you buy 1,2,3 or 4(this included padded bag and tracked postage)


Is my order sent via tracked postage?

It sure is! All our orders are sent in tracked padded postage bags for quality, security and peace of mind!