Our products:


B Natural deodorant is easy to apply and is different to most streamline deodorants! Its texture is the same as a balm and you only need a small amount applied to each armpit! Its simple, just use your finger and rub it in as you would a cream, that’s it!!! Unlike other deodorants it will not cause build up or stain clothes, it remains absorbed into the skin keeping you feeling amazing and smelling fresh all day

Ingredients breakdown:

Together these ingredients compliment each other beautifully to conquer/prevent odour and keep you fresh without using any harmful chemicals! Here is why we use each and every one of them:

Pure Shea butter- The concentration of natural vitamins and fatty acids in Shea butter makes it incredibly nourishing and moisturising for skin. This helps combat sensitivities 

Essential oils- We have sourced quality essential oils and chosen peppermint to use as it has many benefits. It will not only keep armpits fresh but can uplift the users mood, enhance concentration and reduce stress. Armpits are some of the biggest pores so with this oil absorbed it can help the entire body and mind. Not just a deodorant after all!!!!

Pure Beeswax- This contains Vitamin A and provides long term moisturising. It locks moisture into the skin and therefore helps B natural stay on for longer. It can also aid in sensitivity issues

**Sodium Bicarbonate- It has detoxifying effects that help neutralise the pH (acidic or alkaline) properties in the body. Because of this it is effective at absorbing odour and killing bacteria. This ingredient is only present in our original deodorant, it is not in our bicarbonate free version.

Coconut Oil- we use organic and unrefined coconut oil to keep the deodorant there for a long period of time. It is also very nourishing for the skin and can help in reducing sensitivity

Arrowroot- This is to guide absorption and create an effective anti perspirant without blocking the pores in the armpits.

**Diatomaceous Earth- This is our odour repellant substitute for sodium bicarbonate in our Bicarbonate free version. It is highly absorbent and resists degradation. 

** These ingredients are only used in one product each as noted above in description. 

Handy Hints:

* Everybody is different so the guide is a small sultana sized amount but this can vary. We recommend trying to find your own effective balance.

* To avoid irritation chances, rotate using between the B natural original and Bicarbonate Free Deodorants

* Shaving is recommended the night before applying to allow the fresh skin time to repair and to avoid an irritation

* A B natural deodorant should last roughly a month, sometimes longer is your require less

* You can use as regularly as required. Once a day is suggested but if you feel you need a top up after a workout etc, just add more on

* Travel friendly containers that can go with you anywhere


Our teething rollers are our new product available on our website. They aim to reduce the painful teething period. Cutting teeth is inevitable and whilst we want to reduce the discomfort, we also are so passionate about ensureing we use only natural and non toxic ingredients to help our little ones. We encourage a patch test before full use of our rollers as each baby is different, this will ensure no allergies are present to any of our ingredients. Our rollers are made from only pure therapeutic grade tested essential oils and franctionated coconut oil. We combine the use of romam chamomile, frankinsense, lavender and clove oils. you simply roll these along the jaw line (quite a few of our lovely bubs that tested these actually loved the feeling of the roller) and behind the ears. Keep out of mouth, eyes and inner ears. We do follow strict guidlines in relation to dilluting these rollers, they are dullited under guidlines for a 0-12month old. If you prefer the dilution for a 12-24 month old, please contact our FB page before ordering and we can do this as requested. Alternatively, if you are interested in purchasing the oils and creating your own roller, this is also an option (just contact our facebook page and we would be happy to help you get your hands on these amazing oils) 

Keep out of reach of children when not in use 


As only you know yours and your babies body best, if you notice any irritation we advise stopping use. If allergic to these ingredients, it is advised not to continue use. B Natural has been tested on many different types of skin with great results, but we understand that every human body is different so please listen to your body.